Dry Mounting & Laminating

Any size of paper can be dry mounted from small table signs to oversize posters or exhibits. Dry mounting your piece keeps it rigid so it can be placed on an easel or propped up against a wall. There are several options on which to dry mount or laminate your pieces.



Foam Board: The most widely used board because it’s inexpensive and easily disposable. This is the correct board to choose for a piece that is going to be used once or just a few times because it’s a bit flexible and the corners tend to ding easily. Available in white or black.

Ultra Board: ULTRA BOARD is a heavy-duty, all-plastic panel that features a plastic surface rather than a paper or wood fiber veneer. Ultra Board is especially recommended for screen printing and is also exceptional for permanent signs and P .O.P Displays. Best used indoors, this material has superior durability and dent resistance. The styrene liners are secured to the foam center with a remarkable bond that keeps the board flat and rigid. The moisture proof surface helps inks and paints to stand out vividly.

Sintra Board: Sintra Board is thinner than any of the other options but is very heavy so isn’t a good choice for large images. It’s a good choice for items that need to endure. It is available in white and black.

PVC Board: PVC Material is a smooth, bright white rigid plastic that is lightweight, yet very durable and weather resistant. They are great for both indoor and outdoor use, and have a low-glare, matte appearance.


Protect your paper – small or large!
There are two ways to laminate your pieces. The first is overlaminating which is a single sided process that is done when lamination is being put down over an image on a pre-mounted board (e.g. Foam Board).

The second is double sided or encapsulated lamination. This process is used for a variety of applications. A salesperson may want to take an oversize exhibit with them on a plane so they don’t want it dry mounted onto a foam board (difficult to carry). Instead, they prefer to be able to roll it up and carry it on board. Or, a law firm wants to make small, wallet-sized telephone lists for their partners to carry in their wallets. One medical client laminates instruction sheets because they will be used as guidelines in veterinary offices for surgery.

Let the experts at Remsen Graphics help you decide the best type of lamination for your application.


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