Trade Shows

Get noticed! Big, colorful banners!

Trade shows, conventions, meetings, openings, closings, and other events often require large banners to display their message. Remsen Graphics provides a wide range of banners of all shapes and sizes that can be customized for any of your business needs. Having an effective banner certainly gets your message out loud and clear.

There are advantages and differences to each.


Fabric banners can be almost transparent or thickly opaque. They can be light so they move in the breeze or heavy so they don’t move at all. They tend to be easier to transport than vinyl because they fold better, but don’t usually work well outside for long periods of time. One of our clients hung transparent banners on a theater in the round stage so the actors could move among them and still could be seen by the entire audience. Those fabric banners had wooden poles inserted in seams across the top and bottom to keep them smooth and straight. Fabric banners do not reflect light, so where there is a risk of glare, they are more appropriate.


Promoters use vinyl banners for several reasons. They are more durable and last a long time. They can be hung outdoors for long periods of time. They can be printed with a gloss or matte finish. Images on vinyl banners are vivid and can have sharper definition than those printed on fabric. Vinyl banners can be hung by putting grommets in the corners so that they can be hung by rope. Some applications require that vinyl banners be held up by Velcro so that they can be taken down and replaced easily. Inserting poles in seams along the top and bottom is effective when a banner is free-standing. Some banners are used simply as table coverings and don’t require any sort of finishing. One of our library clients wrapped colorful banners around large posts in the children’s section to make it a more fun environment.


We’re here to make you look good.  Our staff is known for speed and precision because we’ve seen it all before, which means we know what to watch for. Every member of our team has a minimum of 15 years of industry experience.  Our clients can get a leg up on the competition by taking advantage of our vast knowledge of how to save you money, run jobs faster and make your material look its best.  Our team works hard to meet all of your printing and imaging needs – and to make your tight deadlines.