A plastic spiral bind that securely holds pages and looks very finished. The finished book can be opened and lie flat back on itself so it’s good for workbooks, manuals, presentations or other pieces that may be written on or that just have to look great. Primary colors are black and white but others are available upon special order. Coil binding must be cut-off and completely replaced should a mistake be made and the book requires rebinding.

Another secure bind that looks very professional. The finished book can be opened and lies almost flat on itself. Ideal for presentations or technical manuals or other pieces that need to look classy. Primary color is silver but other colors are available upon special order. Wire binding must be cut-off and completely replaced should a mistake be made and the books require rebinding.

Mostly used for books that will be filed away because the bind doesn’t take up a lot of space. Available in black and white.

Perfect Binding
A paperback book is perfect-bound. It uses a heating process with glue along the spine. The glue adheres the cover to the pages. It looks very finished, files easily and is relatively secure. Used primarily for corporate reports, self publishing books, children’s books or even architectural portfolios.

Saddle Stitching
Two staples in the center of a folded page creates a saddle stitched booklet. A standard size for saddle stitched booklets are 11 x 17 flat that fold in half to 8.5 x 11 . Booklets can have several pages which are stapled in the middle and folded to create the booklet. An inexpensive yet professional look for newsletters, corporate brochures or other applications.

Three-ring binders
Many companies like the flexibility offered by using 3-ring binders. Pages can be easily updated and replaced and customized covers and spines can be inserted into the binder itself.


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